Our name is inspired by the planktons beneath the sea, the smallest particles of life underwater, particles without which there would be no life at all. Just like the planktons are nutrients for all creatures living below the surface of the sea, the Plankton Orchestra wants to become a source of fertility for the musical scene in the Netherlands. We aspire to grow into a vital ensemble for today's cultural scene. The Plankton Orchestra is a group of twenty young musicians. During the concerts of the Plankton Orchestra, every member of the ensemble is active and needs to keep their eyes, ears and heart always open. Things can change at any given moment. This is an ensemble in which the choices of each member affects and inspires the gestures of others deeply. Our performance is a collective moment where there are no boundaries between musicians and audience. Our repertoire goes from original compositions to re-arrangements of already existing music by our guests (such as Yamandu Costa and Alexandra Alden till now) and covers of pop artists such has Tom Waits and Dead can Dance.

Plankton Orchestra